Please Don’t Mistake Small Size for Small Intelligence!

I don’t know why people do this, but many do.  It seems that some people decide that small animals lack intelligence.Is it because their head size is small?  Do these same people assume that humans who are short with little heads lack great intelligence?

These two little sisters seem to be very aware and in tuned with the humans and animals around them.  Rosie, the darker dog, seems to have a knowing when people are hurting and need a little more TLC.  She seems to jump up on the laps of seniors and other adults who are having in their own words “a bad day.”  However, she sometimes lets her ego get in the way, as do many of us, and bark and challenge an outdoor skunk.  Not a smart thing to do. Getting skunked late one evening and having to be bathed and cleaned up did not stop her the next day from looking for the skunk.



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