2016 Predictions

Weather Patterns

It is all too crazy to predict.  That is what you can expect.  Don’t be surprised at what is becoming more ordinary.

Minimum Wage

Don’t look now.  It is spreading.  Yes, that is right.  Pay them a living wage.  Politicians are starting to get the drift.  These voices aren’t going away. It may be cheaper to pay them than to risk the constant protests and the very real possibility of being thrown out of office by angry voters.


Not all will be silenced by threats and bullets.  Sadly more will be killed.  Driven to expose the immoral, the unthinkable and unimaginable and unconscionable, some are driven to let the world know.  History will remember them and the time that they lived in.


This problem is only starting to mushroom.  Understanding and real solutions to this problem is the only real way to solve it.  This can of worms, can’t be sealed again.  What appears to be utter chaos, may also lead to greater peace and understanding.  Listen well with a wide open mind.

Genetically Modified Foods

These are becoming a bigger no no. Consumers will see a day when more states demand labelling and consumers say “No Thanks.”  This movement will not slow down or be stopped.

Protest Movement

Feet may get sore.  The wind may blow through jackets but the determination and the conviction keep people going.  No end is in sight.  Not all protests lead to victory, but many gains will be made.  Watch for the impact on the 2016 elections and  keep a watchful eye on the number of future state and national  congressional candidates whose interests and passion began and flourished while marching for a cause dear to them.


Don’t expect this to be a great year.  The stock market is like a Disneyland rollercoaster.  As to be expected, some industries will do well, including medical breakthroughs, new technologies and green services and products.


The President will get a few crumbs from Congress, largely because not to pass certain legislation will cost them in November.  He will use his executive powers more than some might expect. History will look more kindly upon him than many expect.  He will not be the only African-American president that this nation will have.  Perhaps one of the greatest achievements that he will have is that minorities and others who thought it not possible, now believe that they too can aspire to serve as president or in local and state politics.


This industry continues to grow by leaps and bounds.  Information and trends are not always a good thing because it is hard to sift through what is and what is not.  Be prepared to do some research and be willing to take time before making decisions.  Discernment and research pay off as does critical thinking.

Election 2016

Nothing new this year.  Not much excitement for either major party.  Party lines blur.  However, there is not YET enough momentum for a third-party.  Keep an eye on Hillary to see how creative she can become trying to convince voters that she is not bought by the establishment.  Without the black and the young vote, she doesn’t have a chance and she knows it.  Remember that it is Congress that matters and that is where real change does and can happen.  The public is beginning to feel more empowered and more people begin to connect the dots, meaning that they understand that their voice really does count.  Remember, democracy of the people…..

Go Greens Go

Up, up and away this trend goes as taking care of the earth becomes more popular and apparent.  More folk remedies and ready-made products to fuel-efficient cars to building ecological this and that. Recycle, reuse, refuse and spread the green words.

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