They Were Brainstorming Away When I Barged In On Them


It was innocent and in fact it couldn’t have been more unintentional.  I merely walked up a set of stairs to get some chairs and bring them back downstairs.  I interrupted a business meeting, not an ordinary meeting and not just any meeting.  The two men sitting at a table upstairs in a warehouse like space was thinking out loud.  They had recently started a grocery by bicycle business in the Portland, Oregon area called Rolling Oasis Grocers.  These two had devised a way of delivering locally grown organic produce to people who resided locally at prices that matched or nearly matched what the larger box stores are charging.

They volunteered information about their business ( after I asked them if they were in a meeting.  It couldn’t have been that confidential because they stopped what they were discussing to tell me about their young business adventure (.  Their stories came alive, as did their creativity and intuition.  I could see that these two men were tapping into that was both something within and beyond them.







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