2017 Predictions



Weather Patterns

Guessing games don’t work.  Predicting weather is too crazy-making.  Expect more of the unexpected.   Climate change has more believers as the earth continues  to shake us into reality and into taking action to save the planet.

Minimum Wage

Don’t look now.  The demand for a living wage is not going away.  Pay workers a living wage.  Politicians are starting to get the drift.  It may be smart politics to support workers in their demand for a fair wage.  Otherwise risk hearing the voices of protesters and contend with being thrown out of office by angry voters.  However, it may not be as good as it looks.  The increase in wages may not amount to much when calculating increasing living expenses.


Lots of changes in the profession.  More people are interested in pursuing a career in journalism.   Some come out of the woodwork with a bold and truth-filled voice reporting.  Time to stand up.  Journalists, your voices and courage are needed.


 This is a hot hot topic and a pivotal political issue.  The fear is real.  Support comes from unexpected forces at home and abroad.

Spiritual Activism

More people are waking up and becoming more alive.   Getting in touch with one’s core essence extends to others.  Gratitude and kindness spread.   New seekers and spiritual enthusiasts alike, your numbers are growing.  The negativity cannot easily swallow you if you take the time to invest in your spirit.  Time for meditation and other quiet rituals.  Your inner knowledge and wisdom may guide you to greater understanding and knowing.  Develop and cultivate a relationship with your inner source.   It is your personal gps to your relationships, your nutrition, your work and in general, your life.  Get to know it .  Ask it questions.  It is waiting for you.


Have you been wanting to make your own salad dressings, herbal remedies, cleaning products?  More people are cooking at home.  Open up those dusty old cookbooks.  Find those recipes online.   Join the growing numbers.  The tug of war continues between big corporations and the public that wants to know what is in the food.  Some battles are won and some are lost depending upon the individual states.  However the movement for healthy food mushrooms, pardon the pun.

Protest Movement

Tired and sore feet, but feet that are on a mission so it may be reported.   The wind may blow through jackets, but determination and the conviction keep people going.  No end is in sight.  Not all protests lead to victory, but many gains will be made.  Watch for the impact on the 2016 elections and  keep a watchful eye on the number of future state and national  congressional candidates whose interests and passion began while marching for a cause.


Don’t expect this to be a great year.  The stock market is like a Disneyland roller coaster.  As to be expected, some industries will do well, including medical breakthroughs, new technologies and green services and products.  People will be glued with biting finger nails to the stock market and for good reason.  Fears are not without reason


This industry continues to grow by leaps and bounds.  Information and trends are not always a transparent, because it is hard to sift through truth.  Be prepared to do some research and be willing to take time figuring it out.  Discernment and research pay off as does critical thinking.

Art and Music

Accessing one’s artistic talents and skills moves mountains for many. The poets and the musicians are among many artists and people who both discover and develop talents.

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