Getting To Know Yourself- Let Your Intuition Be A Part of Your Process!

Self-esteem and intuition are allies, with common interest who like, depend and understand each other.  Self-esteem and intuition, your cheering committee, work together to help you live the best and most productive life.   When you trust your inner voice, your life may be more fulfilling.  Too many clients have lamented bad decisions which resulted from not listening and trusting inner guidance due to stress, not trusting or listening to the sixth sense.

Builds Confidence

It may be said that when you have positive experiences after trusting your instincts, you are likely to feel more confident and continue relying on this guidance.  It may not be true that people who trust their intuition have a higher sense of self-esteem or self-confidence, but it sure helps one’s confidence when listening and using intuition pays big dividends in making wise and successful decisions.

Practice, Practice, Practice

You too can make successful decisions.  Practice, practice, practice and you will develop new patterns.  Slow down and pay attention to those messages, those thoughts that pop into your head.  The knot in your stomach may be suggesting that something is not quite right.  That clarity that you speak with, may come from that place in you that knows.  If you aren’t sure ask yourself if this is in your best interest, a wishful thought, something that you are attached to.  Pay attention to what you receive.  Often the most difficult decisions to make are the ones which have an emotional charge for us.








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