Rabbits- More Than Meets The Eye- Take Notice

I was recently at n event to help raise funds for a rabbit rescue group.  Portland Oregon Rabbit Rescue, to be exact.   It was last Saturday.  The event was housed in a room off a long hallway inside the Oregon Humane Society.  While there were long lines of people waiting to look at animals that needed a forever home, few people came to talk with me. A few more came to see the rabbits that were also looking for a forever home.

I watched these rabbits respond to the people who came to look and touch.  A couple of them were really great with children. They let the young people reach into their pen and pet them and some children even stroked their ears.  It was as if these creatures know that there were young eyes and young hands Rabbitwanting to connect.

A woman came into the “rabbit room” in a huff.  She was moving quickly with big steps that made it appear like she was in a rush but may not have wanted to miss seeing and/or touching a bunny.  She quickly moved form pen to pen reaching to touch the cute and soft furry animals.  Do you know, can you believe, that all the bunnies moved away from her.!!??  Wonder what they were thinking.  I know what I was thinking!

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