Review of 2018 Predictions

As I look back at what I predicted for this last year, it doesn’t quite frankly look like predictions.  It looks like what might be expected to happen if one were  paying attention to the news and gathering information from various sources.

In a nutshell I wrote

  • changing weather patterns
  • growing demands for higher wages
  • immigration remains a charged issue
  • fearless journalists are needed more than ever
  • activism of all kinds continue and  new ones emerge
  • creativity and spiritual development are critical to maintaining one’s wellness

I was wrong with two particular predictions.

  • People would commit to preparing their own meals to ensure their own health.  I don’t believe that this has peaked yet.  It may be a few years down the road.
  • There might be a new president.  Don’t believe that this will happen unless there is enough of a current of discontent to get him out of office and/or he becomes too big of a liability for Republicans

Predictions for 2019 will be in January 2019’s newsletter.  Stayed tuned.

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