Prepare Yourself This Holiday Season!

Prepare Yourself This Holiday Season!

With the upcoming holidays season upon us, it is easy to make bad decisions because we are focusing externally on many things other than our intuition. We fill our calendars with parties, end of the year chores, visits, shopping, cooking, etc.

We abandon our inner world, the voice that speaks to us for our eternal busy lives. Sometimes we pay huge costs for doing so in terms of bad decision-making that may be both financially and emotionally costly. People make poor purchasing choices, hiring and firing decisions and other personal decisions.

So what can you do during this busy season? There are a few things that don’t take much time and energy and can be hugely successful.

  • Take a few minutes to do some deep breathing.
  •  Slow down.   Tell yourself that you have enough time.
  • Don’t overbook appointments or make commitments that stress you.
  • Learn to say no and to let others know that you will reach out after the holiday.
  • This is  a good time to exercise.
  • This is a good time to meditate.

Take an action and make it a priority.



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