Slow Down- Test Your Hunch!

So, you figured it out.  You just analyzed the situation and have drawn your own conclusion.    Perhaps you think that your inner compass is providing you with explanations, answers.  How about taking a pause to ask yourself what you really know?  What facts do you have?  Are you guessing?  What might be your limitations?

A few years ago, I got a call from someone who wanted me to talk with her friend, who just happened to be sitting next to her in the car, about hiring her to take care of my mother.    I knew the friend and had been in her company many times. My first reaction was no.  This would not be a good fit for my mother.  The woman did not speak much English and had probably had little in common with my mother.  I was ready to say that I wasn’t looking for another caregiver, when I stopped myself by telling myself that I had nothing to lose by giving her a chance.  I told the woman to call me in about ten days and we would set up a time for her to come over to my mother’s home and meet with her.  The woman did call me, and she came over to my mother’s house to meet her.  The two seemed to get along well, so I decided to let her work with my mother.  Twice a week, she took my mother to her house, which was five minutes away, and kept her for eight hours.  Sometimes, she kept her overnight to give me a longer break.  It was a beautiful relationship.  The two adored each other, and I knew that I could trust this caregiver.

I was so glad that I had not missed the opportunity to have the two meet, because I opened the door to a possibility.

I suggest that you take a pause and get curious before deciding when there are unknowns, and you lack all the pertinent information.  It might not be your intuition talking to you.  It could be a prejudice, a fear, an inaccurate idea, etc.  Get curious.  Explore. Be a detective!

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