So Much For Training!!

My experience with people and their pet stories is that they speak for themselves.  Observe the behavior and there isn’t much to say.  Today was just another example.  I was standing outside a neighbor’s house carrying on a conversation.  This neighbor went to school with my brother and I hadn’t talked with him for a long time.   We talked about a lot of things before his little white poodle mix came dashing forward to greet me.  Suddenly I heard a male voice call the dog and began reprimanding him for running to greet me.  I am not sure what the man wanted the doctor to do.  Whatever it was, the dog knew that he was in trouble.  He slowly walked back to the man, but not before he hid behind the neighbor’s feet.  The man called the dog who even more slowly walked toward him.  He laid down as the man told him to and gently spanked him.  The dog seemed to take it as though he knew why.  I could almost feel him saying.  “Just get it over with.”  Within a minute, the man picked up the dog and announced “He got the message.”  Who is he? 

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