Talking Football

It never fails.  Just when I am wondering what to blog about, ideas pop out from the most unexpected places and people.  I overheard a conversation that wasn’t intended for me, but it wasn’t private either.  It was in an office where I was working on a project for a few months.   The office manager, a former football jock, had a dream that his football was talking to him in a dream.  Now, he didn’t recall what the football said or what the message might be.


The idea intrigued me.  Footballs often take residence in a room, in a box, on a shelf, on a floor, on the grass, and hide from view.  They have a long lifespan. they last a long time.  They are left on shelves, in boxes, in closets, on the floor.  If they do have the ability to listen, imagine what they would have to say.  Because people don’t assume that footballs can hear and speak, many stories are shared.  Secrets are revealed.  Doubts are echoed.


If footballs could speak, they would have a lot to say.  So therefore an avid football player would dream about  a football.  Depending upon the connection that one had with a football, it might not be so surprising that a football might appear in a football player’s dreams.  Too bad the office manager didn’t remember what the football had to say.  So if a football, could talk, what would a football have to say.  Anyone care to take a guess?


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