Synchronicity On The Bus

Synchronicity On The Bus

It was almost ten years ago when lymphoma took him  from his beloved Wisconsin family (two adults and one small canine brother).  He was just a few days away from celebrating his seventh birthday.  His name was Simba  and he was a dog, more specifically a morkie  (yorkie-maltese mix).   He looked like one and he acted like some ferocious hunting dog that did acrobatics to kill unwanted things that flew or wandered into his territory.  Perhaps he thought that he was a king of sorts despite his small size.  That might not have been too much of a stretch, for someone who would exhibit that he had quite a library of knowledge and information after he transcended to another world.

I knew that he was smart but nothing could have prepared me for my relationship with him after his body was laid to rest in his back yard.  Although, his last living act might have been a Simba sign.  He had tumors in his throat  that made breathing difficult.  His last day on earth, he managed to bypass or jump over a gate n the kitchen and walk down the hall to where his humans were sleeping and bark to let them know he was having trouble breathing.  Yes he got their attention and to this day, no one can imagine how he got out of the kitchen in his weakened condition and do something which he hadn’t done before!

Since his departure, he has been in my head in a very earth shattering indisputable way.  He talks to me via the only telephone that he has-a telepathic phone.  He is courteous and respectful about delivering messages.  Perhaps it is strategic just like his hunting skills.  He knows when to get my attention, messaging me when I am in the mindset to hear him, not while I am in conversation or driving for example.

The first message made me laugh.  His Wisconsin humans brought another dog into their lives shortly after he left. He told me that she was not as cute or as smart as him.   It must have been my imagination or so i thought  until I talked with his human mother who told me that the new dog had Simba like behaviors.  She took was small and she too was able to hunt and kill beyond expectations.

This was just the beginning of the Simba calls.  I have saved the notes and emails  so that a story could be told.  Sill I was not convinced that I had enough material.  Maybe Simba intervened and inserted his opinion, perhaps a demand, one day when his Wisconsin mother told me that he deserved a book.  Yes he was worthy of being written about .  There was no doubt about that.

Weaving Stories

So, I started writing and soon it was easy to bring in other stories that were not Simba related.  Hmm I thought that there just maybe there might be enough.  How to weave the contents of other stories with my client stories might be challenging.  Anyway, I was willing to give it a try because the stories were truly amazing and worthy of sharing.  Perhaps it would be revealed to me.  Perhaps someone reading my pages would have some ideas.

Well, this morning I took a bus ride.  Since I had some time, I opened Tuesday With Morrie by Mitch Albom.  The book that was given to me by a friend who insisted that I read it while waiting for the bus to arrive.   Ok I thought.  Why not?  If I didn’t like it, I wouldn’t finish it.  In my opinion, if a book can grab my attention within fifty pages, it is not worth reading.  So, I had little to lose.


Well, here was my answer to my Simba question!  Yes right in front of me, there it was.  The author had skillfully woven different stories and blended them into his story.  If that isn’t synchronicity, I don’t know what is.  Ask and you shall receive.  Think about something and pay attention even if you are waiting for your bus to arrive!





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