Telepathic email to cat- You Know Your Way Home!

His name is Burt and he is a handsome orange cat who lives with another cat and his human  south of Portland, Oregon.  His troubles started a few weeks ago when his human moved closer to her college.  She was tired of the long drive.  Burt was tired of waiting in the window for her to return home and hang out with him.  The decision to move was a win-win for both of them.

Stuff Was Flying Off The Shelf

So as not to surprise the cats, she informed them that they would be moving.   In fact, she didn’t have to tell them.  Moving boxes everywhere.  Stuff was flying off shelves and cupboards before being packed into the boxes and placed in cars where they would be transported to the new location.

The three tolerated the disruption, because they knew that they would soon settle into their new home and a new routine.   Among those helping with the move was the human’s mother.   Her mother loaded her car with boxes and drove them over to the new home.  She took one box after another into the house being ever so careful so she would not trip or fall down.

Near Fatal Mistake

Then a near fatal mistake was made.  She forgot about Burt, who was in the house, and she swung the door wide open.  Burt couldn’t resist and out he ran. The mother saw his tail out of the corner of her eye and  yelled “Burt!”  He ignored her frantic voice.

Grass. Trees. Flowers. Houses.  So much to see.  So many smells.   There was a whole big world out there that he had only seen from the kitchen and living room windows.  Wow.  What an experience!   Burt was overwhelmed and didn’t know where to go so he didn’t go very far.  He saw his human and her mother walk in his direction, calling his name.  He hid under the front steps of a neighbor’s house where they could not see him.  And they didn’t.   They walked right by him.

Smells Food in The Back Seat

He carefully peeked out from his hiding place when he felt that it was safe and continued exploring.  The temperature was dropping and soon the sun would say goodbye to the day.  Burt was fascinated by the sounds and smells, and suddenly saw something he recognized.  It was a car parked in a neighbor’s driveway.  He noticed that the window was open about  halfway.  He looked up at the car, oblivious to anything around him.  He readied himself for the cat leap and quickly found himself inside the car.  He looked around and saw that there was a jacket in the back seat of the car.  That wasn’t the only finding.  His nose smelled food.  It came from the bag next to the jacket.  He did what any cat would, leap into the back seat of the car, and stick his nose in the bag.  Burt didn’t have far to look and quickly pulled out half a hamburger and began eating.

He spent some time eating and napping on top of the jacket until it was night and the moon shone brightly.  He yawned and stretched.  It was time to continue his adventures so he jumped out of the car.  It was a little cold and windy, but that didn’t stop him.  He slowly made his way down the street, walking on the grass, avoiding the paved street and the cars that went by.   Not too far away was a house with a porch.  On the porch was an old beat up sofa with some soft looking pillows. This might be the perfect place to sleep he said to himself as he made himself right at home.

“Looks Like the New Neighbor’s Missing Cat”

He was sound asleep until the humans open the door and he heard one say “That looks like the cat that the new neighbor is looking for.”  Burt didn’t take time to see who was speaking.  He immediately jumped off the porch and ran away from the home with the porch and hid behind a tree.

This was a new life for him, one without doors.   He didn’t have to wait for his human to come home and pet and feed him.  He didn’t miss the stupid cell phone or the box that she sat in front of  and stared out ALL the time.  Burt didn’t have to worry about being discovered sitting on a  forbidden sofa or using a litter box.  Freedom wasn’t all that bad or was it?

You Know Your Way Home

Burt began missing the comforts of living with his human.  He could count on his food and water to be served to him almost always by using his big sad eyes and  meowing.  Standing on her stomach while she slept always worked.  He missed her soft voice and the warmth of her hands as she petted him.  Suddenly he heard someone tell him “You know your way home.”   It was her but she wasn’t there.  To be sure, he looked around.  Nope, no sigh of the his human.  She was sending him a mental message.  Burt looked around and began sniffing.  He mulled over what she told him.  He turned around and walked in the opposite direction.   He didn’t have far to go before he spotted her car.  He ran up  the steps and began meowing.  His human opened the door and greeted him with a loud “Burt!”  She bent down to pick him up which he gladly let her do.  Yes, he did know his way home.


READER PLEASE NOTE:  Many of the details have been changed to protect the identities of all participants.  This was taken from a consultation who called about her missing cat, Burt.  Shortly after we spoke, she did send him a “mental email.”  Three hours later he appeared on her doorsteps.

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