ghosts and goblins- time of year again!

ghosts and goblins- time of year again!


It started out as a normal Saturday morning.  She opened her eyes slowly and noticed the sun greeting her through the curtains had .    It started out as a nondescript Saturday morning.  She slowly got out of bed and decided to take her time making her favorite breakfast, blueberry pancakes.  She would make two medium-sized ones and enjoy them with her favorite morning beverage, Guatemalan coffee.

She turned on the radio to listen to classical music as she took her first sip of coffee.  Then she made the pancakes.  She was ready to eat her breakfast.

She Didn’t Believe What She Saw!

She decided to sit on the sofa and eat her food.  She placed her food on the coffee table in front of her.  She had taken a few bites of the pancakes and put down the plate so that she could take a few sips of hot coffee.  She happened to look at the rug under the coffee table and saw something move.  She couldn’t believe what she saw.  It look like someone walking across the rug but there was no body, no face, just indentations in the carpet as though someone were walking on the carpet.

It Only Lasted A Minute!

It lasted only a minute and she has never experienced this again.  She has never forgotten that Saturday morning when she had a visitor while eating blueberry pancakes and drinking her favorite coffee.


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