The joining of Intuitions

The joining of Intuitions

This is a true story and it happened just a few weeks ago. I walked up the street to pick some bay leafs in a neighbor’s backyard. I greeted the neighbor with a hello as he stood in the window of the kitchen and I walked through the gate that faced the kitchen window. We exchanged a few words and I headed to the back of the house.

it took me about 15 minutes to fill a bag with bag leaves that I planned to wash and then dry on a clothes line or in a food dehydrator. I walked away from the house and walked back down the street to take care of my bay leaves. Immediately I began to clean the leaves with water. This went on about a half hour. For some reason I looked at my cell phone and noticed that I missed a telephone call from the neighbor up the street.

I called him thinking that he needed a favor. That wasn’t the case. He wanted to tell me a story. ” I just got a telephone call and I want to tell you about the phone call. ” Before I could answer, he continued. I just got a call from a man who said that he worked for Farmers Insurance. He told me that they have a great life insurance policy. The agent asked my age. When I told him 93 he hung up.” Hew didn’t even say goodbye. I laughed and told the neighbor “he could have congratulated you.”

We both laughed. I thanked him for sharing his stories. I was happy that something told him to call me and that something told me to check my phone for messages.

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