All the Way From San Francisco Travel Association

All the Way From San Francisco Travel Association

“The decision comes out of yourself,” said Joe D’Alessandro, President & CEO San Francisco Travel Association, a center for assisting tourists from all over the world.  For the last twelve years he has overseen the multi million dollar travel association that has partnerships with city, state and private organizations  convention centers  hotels, meeting facilities, the airport, theaters, restaurant.  He understands that choices and selections are a distillation of facts, experience, research, questions, thinking and feeling the “aha” this is the answer.

Mental and Sometimes Physical Peace

D’Alessandro pays attention and encourages his staff to notice the mental and sometimes physical peace and tranquility sensation that accompanies making a good choice.   He believes that decisions need to be strong and a byproduct of collecting information in all available ways including consulting outside sources, other staff members, and one’s own inner knowledge. D’Allesandro understands that good decision-making skills are paramount to having both a healthy work environment and personal life. “Sometimes it is best not to say anything.”   Sometimes it is wise to wait before deciding.  Timing is important.

He took time from his busy schedule to answer a few questions.

1)  Can you speak to the importance of using intuition to make good decisions?

People don’t make good decisions unless they feel physically and/or mentally comfortable with their choices.  That includes using all one’s data including intuition.

What are the components of good decision-making? 

  • Taking Time to collect information
  • Checking out ideas and facts from reliable people and resources
  • Feeling Good About Conclusions

What do you say to the many people who say they don’t have time to ponder their decisions?

Take the time.  It is your responsibility to take the time to do the investigation, to do the research, to ask the questions, to think. Wait until you are in the right space.  Wait until your mind is clear.

What do you do when someone is clearly not in the right mind-set to make a decision?

Let’s wait.   Let’s think about this.  Sometimes he postpones the decisions until good one ‘s can be made.  D’Alllesandro believes that it is a responsibility to make well thought out researched choices.



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