“All things are possible. The impossible takes a little longer.”

  • Are you tired of the negative news?
  • Does it seem to take over your life?
  • Do you think that there might be more than this menu of divisiveness?

I have been on a mission to discover people who are doing extraordinary things for other human beings.  There is no shortage of caring people.  Let me tell you about 94-year-old Arnold Abbott.  This man served in WW II and less than two decades later helped register “Negroes as they were called in those days” to vote.  He is somebody that I would like to meet and I am willing to bet that so would you.  I probably never will see him in the flesh as he is in Florida and I am way far away.   So I did the next best thing.  I called him, not thinking that he would actually answer the phone and he did.  I was so unprepared to talk with him that I asked him when could I telephoned him again.

My question list was easy to prepare because there was enough information online and on his website www.lovethyneighbor.org. ( Love Thy Neighbor Fund, Inc. 6864 N. W. 25th Way, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309- telephone 954-682-2303)

The next time that I telephone him I was prepared at least I thought that I would be, but I wasn’t.  He was difficult to hear which might have been due to a poor connection or his soft-spoken voice. Nonetheless, here is his story.

This 94 year old kind-hearted man started his organization, Love Thy Neighbor,27 years ago It was a promise he kept to his Wife Maureen Abbott who asked him to continue helping people who have fallen on hard times.  She had a great” heart for those in need.”  He carries on their legacy and commitment to helping others help themselves. with a goal to as he says  to recycle and preserve the integrity of our most precious natural resource, human beings.”  Abbott spends upwards of 50 hours a week feeding homeless people in Broward County, Florida which has more than 10,000 homeless men, women and children.

“Get Back On Their Feet”

Abbott’s group has provided training for people to help them  “get back on their feet.”  One of his success stories has been the opening of a success Love Thy Neighbor is always cognizant that well cared-for children are the key to a better society in the future. We have sponsored children with AIDS and one needing a new prosthesis (annually) for 14 years. Community-wise, we partner with the Lee Family YMCA each year to provide a gala Christmas party for 600-700 underprivileged children.He has kept his promise to her and not only continues to feed street people but also has connected with groups to provide training to this population to help them develop skills and  find employment.  Abbott told me that one person actually has opened up his own restaurant and is successful.

“Humans Are Our Biggest Resources”

Abbott believes that all human beings are important.   “Humans are our biggest resources.”  He will continue helping others until he has “no more breath left” in him.  He believes something that all of us might do well to think about , particularly in these difficult times that we live in.   All things are possible .  The impossible just takes a little longer.”





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