True Self Shows At An Early Age!

It is well established that personality traits show up at a very young age.  Ever notice the little ones that are fascinated with building things?  What about the two-year old girl who entertains herself for hours playing with her dolls?  The three-year old girl who likes helping her big sister cook in the kitchen?

Recently a friend described how at the young age of four, her son would not take advice.  Now fifty something years old, nothing has changed,   Suggestions fall on his deaf ears.  I think about high school reunion conversations and people reminiscing about how this classmate showed leadership skills “even in high school” or how one studious student knew that a career in nursing was in her future.  A high school student, known for his poetry, is still writing poetry.  The scraps of paper have now become books of poetry.  The tall lanky and gangly book-worm who joined the debate team went to law school  now serves as a member of Congress in the House of Representatives in Washington, DC.  Recently, I spent time with a woman whom I first met when she was three years old.  She loved to sing, dance and act.  It is half a century later and time has aged her as it has all of us. She continues to sing, dance and act.

A  week ago, I met this little one in this picture.  She was selling lemonade on a hot day.  Is this a future entrepreneur?


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