Yesterday, I was at a pet store in Salem, Oregon for a Valentine’s celebration for dog lover and a benefit for the Salem Willamette Humane Society.   Ten percent of sales were given to this humane society.  Many people brought their dogs, and there were two cats present to join the celebration.  The cats’ presence wasn’t voluntary.  One was there because the Willamette Humane Society left one of the cats at this store to find a forever home and the pet store was his new home.  The other cat was a regular at the store, accompanying her human who worked at the store.  


The celebration was a good reason to meet and give out pet food samples and discounts.   Pet lovers are suckers for sales and pet samples and benefits animal groups.   Attendance is a decision as there are lots of events being held most weekends.  And, of course there is AND,  It was cold and damp.  I know was inside the store sitting by the door waiting for people who wanted to talk to me.  I couldn’t keep warm.


This pet event was a little different.  It was the first time that I witnessed two dogs, chihuahua and some other small mix breed, getting married.  It was officiated by minister who asked each dog if he/she was willing to accept the partner no matter how flea ridden it became.  The minister also asked each dog not to flirt too much with other dogs.  Yes, of course, the dogs were dressed up.  Yes, they exchanged rings. The dogs were given a treat and there were look alike  oreo cookies for both dogs and humans.  I tried one.  They were quite tasty.  I had two more.  Imagine serving cookies at your party for both your guests and your dog??! If you decide to try this, please film it!!