Use Your Imagination…If You Please!!!

We interpret all the time, meaning very often.  Think for a second.  We make inferences, decisions, judgements about our world.  Sometimes this is necessary because we don’t know answers and or have the ability or the possibility to obtain the facts.  So, many of us scramble in our minds to draw conclusions to make sense of people, places and situations.

Mostly it is unconscious. “Mostly” because so many people don’t question themselves and ask ourselves  by asking: Where do these ideas come from?  Have I seen this before?  Have I experienced something like this before?  Does this remind me of something?   Do I have preconceived ideas?  Am I influenced by other people?  Am I projecting something about me into the situation?

So I am asking you, who are reading this, what is the bird saying?  What is this bird thinking?  There are of course no answers.  Perhaps what is more useful is our ideas and thoughts.  What do you think?


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