Walk A Mile. Walk 1400? Or Did this Cat Hitch A Ride?

During these difficult times, people want to hear feel-good stories that may seem  almost magical.   The tales permit us to take a vacation from the heaviness around us, and it reminds us that other “forces” exist in the world that can make things happen.  This is one story.

Sheboygan, Wisconsin to Naples, Florida

Naples, Florida is a long way from Sheboygan, Wisconsin, particularly during the winter months and particularly for a cat that was on foot.  Or was she?  Nadia, a two hear old rescue black Russian cat ended up in Naples, Florida, about 1484 miles from her home,  and her identity was ascertained in a an animal shelter  because she was micro chipped.   Nadia escaped the comforts of her warm Wisconsin home last Christmas when the wind blew open a door and she exited.  The rest is guesswork, and the only thing that makes any sense at all is that she found her way on to a truck, because there is a truck stop close to where she lives in Sheboygan.

Thanks to the kindness of numerous people and an airlines, Nadia was returned to her home.

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