Want to Change You Eating Habits?

Want to Change You Eating Habits?

Let’s talk. I have been been creating recipes for a cookbook that began with sugar-free recipes and now includes soups, veggie burgers, and more. Incorporating intuition and logic into the decision-making process makes anything possible in kitchen.

I began creating recipes to stop eating sugar. I was out of control and was pre-diabetic. I could stop eating sugar for a short time but I couldn’t stop myself from starting again.

Homemade deserts

So I created my own desserts. What I discovered is that desserts made without sweeteners taste better than commercial sweets with artificial ingredients.

I had an even bigger surprise. Taste buds do change and there is a life of eating healthy, less expensive food that is not only better for the body but far tastier. I would never have believed it had I not experienced it myself.

The key to making food changes is creating a transition diet that you can grow into and maintain. It is one that is tailored to your own needs and unique circumstance. Call me at 503-804-9747 or text me if you want to talk about your food habits and goals.

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