Well, I Should Have Known!

Well, I Should Have Known!

 My tai chi class would start in ten minutes at a nearby community center, which was a seven-minute walk away.   As I picked up my keys and umbrella to head out the door, two thoughts occurred to me.   One was to take my phone earbuds with me, and the other was to call the community center to ask if the class was cancelled that evening.  I ignored both.

I walked out the door, and soon entered the community center.  A woman sitting at the check in desk asked me “Are you here for tai chi?”  “Yes” I responded.   The woman said “It has been cancelled.  The instructor is sick.” Oh, I thought.  If I had only called!

Ok. Since I was in the community center, I decided to do cardio exercise in the workout room for thirty minutes.  I wish that I had taken the earbuds with me so that I could have listened to a podcast while I exercised. 

Now, honestly there were not many consequences to situation, to not following the “advice.”  The only loss was thirty minutes.  It could have been more costly in terms of money, time, and more but it wasn’t.

I hadn’t paid attention because the messages seemed to be unimportant.  I thought that I would have been informed by the community center if the class had been cancelled.  This wasn’t the case, because the center did not know that I was attending tai chi classes.  I had not planned on working out after the class so there was no reason why I would take earbuds with me.

I consulted my logic for its opinion.   I relied on my brain to interpret instead of my gut.  Had my gut spoken, I might well have made the phone call and taken the ear buds.

As I completed writing these words, I took a coffee break.  While sipping the hot beverage, I thought about making vanilla extract.   I needed two more vanilla beans and some vodka.  A thought popped into my mind. Grocery Outlet may sell vanilla beans. Ok, I better listen, and walked over to the Grocery Outlet store.  Sure enough, there was one bottle with vanilla beans in it.  Now, I just needed one more bottle. 

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