What Does Chicken Soup Have To Do With Intuition?

This sound strange?  It doesn’t without more explanation.  So, let me be more specific.  About five days ago, I make a pot of chicken soup and ate it four days in a row.    Today, I decided to have to a large cup of it.  So I did. Hmm, it still tasted good or so I thought.  I finished the first cup, and helped myself to a second one.  It didn’t taste as fresh, but it wasn’t bad, and much better than store bought soup.   I wasn’t convinced, so I smelled it again and took a small sip. No, it was not as tasty as it had been the day before. Was it really ok to eat?

My inner conversation was having an argument with my resistance to throwing away food.   I was ready to finish the soup so that it wouldn’t be wasted.  Then I heard my intuition.   “Stop.  Smell the soup one more time.”   So, I took the guidance.  Yup, I had to admit it.  The soup had lived its life.  It had to go.

After I made the painful decision to throw out the soup, I Googled how long does homemade chicken soup last?  The answer was 3-4 days.  Ok, I was relieved.  I hadn’t thrown it out for no good reason.  However, the truth of the matter was that I was a day late.  Something told me to finish eating the soup or freeze it!  That something was over ridden by my having no interest in eating soup four days in a row, and thinking that the soup would survive a fifth day. In the end intuition won, as it usually does.

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