Intuition, I Almost Didn’t Listen!

Intuition, I Almost Didn’t Listen!

It looked like an ordinary trip to the bank to get help, but it wasn’t.  The goal was not new.  Some help was needed to decipher a monthly bank statement.  A manager, who would have assisted me, was at lunch so I spoke to his assistant.  I was about  ready to ask for an appointment with the manager who knew my accounts, because it would be quicker, or so I thought.  Everything was pushing me to reschedule.  Everything included my impatience to complete the project; my dislike for paperwork; the inconvenience of returning later in the week; and what I thought was inner compass telling me who could and could not help me. 

It almost worked.  I walked to the door to leave, when something forced me to turn around and take the available appointment with the assistant.  As it turns out, the assistant loves to research and is very innovative at looking up information.  More importantly , she loves to solve problems.  She told me that she wanted to be a detective, but went into banking instead. 

She a detective.  She just does her sleuthing in a bank.  With the tensions in the city, the stress of people doing detective and police work, she seems content helping  customers like me solve bank statement problems.



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