It Happened Very Inconveniently on A Sunday Morning

It Happened Very Inconveniently on A Sunday Morning

My intuition was nagging me to stop at the hardware store on the way to the farmers’ market.  Really!  I didn’t want to stop at the store.  I was already late that Sunday morning.  The market was closing in an hour.  Still, I caved into my inner compass and stopped at the hardware store to find a solution to my colored pencil problem.  I needed a way to sharpen my pencils that didn’t break the pencil or the lead.

Should I say that luck was with me or should I say that my intuition knew what it was talking about?  The person who helped me just happened to have a son who loved to draw with pencils and he recommended the same pencil sharpener that his son used.  It was $3 and was locked in a case so that people wouldn’t steal it!!

I made my  purchase and tested the new pencil sharpener as soon as I returned the farmers’ market.  Sure enough it worked!!! Thanks intuition!!

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