Let Your Mind Paint A Picture- What Is Her Story?

Let Your Mind Paint A Picture- What Is Her Story?

I wish that I knew this woman.  I don’t.  I know nothing about her except that I was intrigued by this mystery lady.  So I did what most of us do.  I made up some stories in my head.  I assumed that this person is a woman by her height and perhaps by her hat.  It was confirmed by the bank teller that it is a woman.  I decided that she is old because she walked slowly.  It did not occur to me that she might be a young woman with an injury or a woman in deep thought who might be contemplating something.  Lastly, I assumed by her hat that she didn’t want to be seen and/or didn’t wish to engage with people.

It was a fun guessing game with this mysterious person at the bank  that harmed no one.  It was an interesting exercise, very revealing of my assumptions and stereotypes that said more abut me than her!

I invite you to play the game and observe your observations!



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