The Ghosts Among Us!!

I recently read the September monthly issue of the Alhambra, California city newspaper. It is a city of approximately 84, 000 people and is in the San Gabriel Valley, not far from Pasadena and downtown Los Angeles.  A “bold” real estate agent wrote about disclosing houses for sale that were known to have ghosts.  Apparently in some states in this country it is the law, as it can impact buyers for numerous reasons, including things that may affect value and desirability of property.  This disclosure should be in writing.

Haunted places are not new and neither are apparitions.   Lots of people are fascinated by haunted places and homes that are occupied by people, animals and things that can’t always be seen or detected.  Things really do go bump in the night. The possibility that you or someone you know has had such an experience. Many people have experienced hearing or seeing something, sometimes called an apparition.


I can’t remember when I first heard about houses being “occupied” or ”haunted.”  It may have been Halloween when kids threw white sheets over themselves and made eerie sounds, trying to scare others.  Was it perhaps a Casper the friendly ghost on television or Casper comic books?

There is an abundance of personal stories and reports.  I have heard many from my clients. Sometimes these stories come from unexpected people and places.  Once, while attending a business meeting, a caterer lowered his voice, and in almost a whisper, said  “the glasses on the bar counter crashed and broke.  I had a talk “with them.”   The caterer told them (the glasses or the spirits that were breaking the glasses) that they needed to stop this.  It would have been hard to argue his point.  He couldn’t, after all, have clients and party guests witness glasses falling and breaking for no obvious reason!!


A client, who had taken an intuition class from me and had consulted with me when she had work concerns, wanted me to meet her soon.  She described him as “sensitive” and not “fitting” in with his classmates.  He saw spirits and she wanted him to share a few of his experiences with me.  When I arrived at their home, he plopped down the sofa next to me and began to share how he saw “people walking in the streets.”  He knew that they weren’t alive and knew that he couldn’t share this with his friends.  He also experienced these spirits in his bedroom.  “They filled up” his bedroom, leaving little room for people or pets.  Some of these beings shared stories about their lives.  Others did not speak to him.

Another client and her mother both witnessed something or someone walking across their white living room carpet.  The two never saw who it was, only the footprints.


One day I was at a hotel in downtown Portland visiting with the sales manager talking about hotel and party events.  This manager started talking about remodeling in the hotel.  Spirits walked out of the walls is what she told me.  Although this happened before she worked for this hotel, employees she worked with actually saw ghosts “walk” out of the walls.

At another downtown Portland hotel, a woman or a ghost-like form of a woman was known to walk through the rooms and halls.  For perhaps as long as the building had been a hotel, many guests and employees had reported seeing her.  The descriptions were very similar, a ghost-like woman with long hair wearing a long gown.

I had stopped in this hotel to have lunch with a friend who worked in the hotel.  I arrived early and stood in the lobby by the desk waiting for my friend.  I happened to look up at the steps that were in front of me, just in time to see this white ghost of a woman.  She was unmistakable, long flowing hair and all. I stared at her for no more than a minute before she vanished.   When my friend arrived, I told her about the woman on the steps.  This was not new news.  She had heard this many times.

The stories are endless.  Care to share one of yours?

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