Think About it! Animals Trust What They Know! Most People Don’t Have Such Confidence.

I could write an entire book filled with stories about how animals trust people.  Sometimes  people who love and live with animals trust their pets’ instincts more than they trust their own instincts.  It would make readers laugh, cry and think, if just for a few minutes.

Many years ago, I gave an intuition talk to a women’s group in Portland,Oregon.  I remember very little about the group except  that they were a well attended lively group, where they met and that it was a dinner meeting.  What was memorable about this event was the woman who shared “before I date a man seriously my cat has to give his stamp of approval.”  In other words if the four-legged one didn’t like him, she would not see him again.

The room was silent, but only for a minute as everyone waited for her to continue.   We all wanted to know how the cat made his decision obvious.  Being rather coy the woman said “If he doesn’t like the guy he leaves a tootsie roll in his shoe.”  We all knew what that meant.  Almost everyone.  There was one woman who took the woman literally and wondered how the cat found a tootsie roll candy and managed to place it in the man’s shoe.  Suddenly she laughed “Oh.” Yes, it was an organic tootsie roll , one that belonged in the litter box , not in a shoe!


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