Uplifting, Feel Good Movie on Netflix -Meditation Park – A Spiritual  Awakening

Uplifting, Feel Good Movie on Netflix -Meditation Park – A Spiritual Awakening

 I highly recommend watching  Meditation Park, a 2017 Canadian drama film directed by Mina Shum.  Viewers watch the beautiful awakening of Maria, the wife, who finds her voice and her inner strength upon suspecting and discovering that her husband is having an affair.

The movie takes viewers through her process of suspecting, her pain and the discovery of her husband’s betrayal.  However, this film offers much more.  Viewers see her, like a flowering bud, discover her voice and find the courage to not only challenge her husband but to claim her independence.

Discovers Creative Ways

One scene in particular speaks to the “new” Maria.  It had been 39 years since Maria and her husband moved from Hong Kong to Canada.  Maria speaks little English, doesn’t drive and hasn’t held a job since she moved from Hong Kong.  (She was briefly a secretary  before she married her husband.  In the movie, she not only applies for jobs but she discovers creative ways to make money.

Maria displays both insight, compassion and the gift of forgiveness.  Aren’t these valuable commodities in today’s world?  Can’t we all benefit from watching someone display these attributes even on the big screen?





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