Was it intuition or was it ego or was it a bad joke?

Last week I tried to play a joke on a neighbour. It was funny to me and others who heard my Time magazine story. Here it is. Every week a neighbour gives me a copy of Time magazine, because he receives two in the mail.

I accept it even though I am not interested in the magazine. I take it just in case there is an article that might interest me. There hasn’t been a “just in case“ article because I had so much to read that I never opened up the magazine.

Sometimes I passed the magazine on to others or the local library. With covid I no longer go to the library and do not see enough people to pass an issue on to anyone.

I Was Ready to Bring It To Him

Last week the neighbour asked me to return my copy of Time magazine because he accidentally left his in the dentist office. I was happy to return it to him and told him so. I was ready to bring it up to him when I spotted the mailman across the street. Aha I thought to myself. I could play a trick on the neighbour. So, I walked across the street and handed the mailman the copy of Time magazine and asked him to deliver it to the neighbour. He was happy to do so.

The Mailman Delivered The Magazine

I waited for the neighbour to ask me how Time magazine got into the hands of the mailman and into his mailbox. It was only a couple of hours that I received the email. He was baffled. His brain was attempting to imagine the mailman walking back up the street to deliver the magazine.
I was laughing until I received another email from the neighbour. He wanted to know how the mailman could have delivered the magazine because the mailman delivered his mail before I got mine.

The neighbour wondered how this could have happened. There was no humour, no understanding that this had been a joke. I had to explain to the neighbour that I saw the mailman across the street and handed him the Time magazine. I went on to explain that I was playing a joke on him. He emailed back and said that he found my prank funny. After all the explaining it was no longer funny to me. Who had the last laugh? Don’t think it was me!

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